Paeans: Live in 2015

by Generalissimo



two tracks recorded live on a stereo field recorder at SF Eagle in February 2015; two live tracks recorded similarly at The Golden Bull in June 2015


released June 17, 2015

album cover image © 2015 Tony Rotundo /



all rights reserved


Generalissimo Oakland, California

Noise Rock from Oakland CA

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Track Name: Bootstrap
There's a chair out of sight of the road
Underneath anemic sky
Where solitude's your lone true friend
Your only hope to stop the bleed
And it is there that the heights of indulgence
Never gained come within reach
All your promise remains your own
And you can burn away the pain

But it's not yours today
We're standing in your way
There's something in your way
It's always something

Anonymous and indiscreet
Issues lament from smudged out haze
Congregation's authorship
Brooks no discernment, spares no shame
A slack jaw and a dead eyed stare
It's fait accompli once again
Solitude's your lone true friend
Your only hope to stop the bleed
Track Name: Flower of Southern Womanhood
There's a sickly sweet smell
Hanging in the breeze
And if mercy's here
She'll steer well clear of me
'Cause what's ours is ours
And what's yours is what we please
And the flower of southern womanhood agrees

Watch you swing and do your dance
And this falling down
Is making me insane
We do this in her name
Increase the pressure by degrees
And the flower of southern womanhood agrees
Track Name: Black Aspect
Here at the source
Of ineffable cachet
Guileless cynics raise toasts
To chic naiveté
Heretics burn
Dogma goes unexplained
What's know is spent
All else was spoken for yesterday
We bear our sores
With the requisite of shame
We're in your stores and restaurants
Shaking our chains
We are the source
Of ineffable cachet
What's ours is yours
All else is bait, on pawn or up for trade

Charlie on horse
Ride through dystopian landscape
Survey annexed sedated lands
For fallen saints
Cipher in spotlight
Black aspect on display
What treason and sedition
Does the sideward glance betray
We drain our sores
For ineffable cachet
Frames without doors
For ineffable cachet
Sex on all fours
For ineffable cachet
Even the score
For ineffable cachet
Track Name: Third Way Man
Man's not an island it's been said
Out here amongst the living dead
Predetermined by my physiology
I'm Third Way Man

Yeah yeah yeah...

Out here on the margins of discontent
Differentiate us by what's been spent
Learn to leverage my consumer sovereignty
Can't hold me down